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Peralta Colleges Foundation Website Redesign Story

Some of the Peralta Foundation web redesign project team. From left: Yoni Mayeri, Tana Lehr, Gillian Hull, Matthew Silverberg.

When it came time to redesign the Peralta Colleges Foundation website, the Board of Directors took it as an opportunity to further one of the Foundation’s primary goals; to support excellence in the colleges’ diverse professional and vocational training programs.

A connection had been made in the Fall of 2009 when Matthew Silverberg, an instructor in the Multimedia Department at Berkeley City College applied for a grant to assist his Information Design class students in attending a seminar by Edward Tufte, called “the Leonardo da Vinci of data” by The New York Times. Karen Friedman, the Board President, asked Matthew if any of the students might be interested in redesigning the website, because the Information Architecture class is part of the core curriculum for the Web Design and Production Associates degree, and hence a source of serious web designers.

He took this proposal to the class, suggesting some students might choose this as their final class project. The students were offered the opportunity to develop different web design solutions based on principals of presented during the semester and Tufte’s seminar on information design. Four students opted for this project with initial involvement by the whole class in the preliminary phase of developing a client survey.

The result was a panel presentation on the final day of class to which the three members of the Peralta Foundation Board were invited to attend. Following this class, these board members met and selected one of the designs, and then requested that class members continue this project by implementing the new design.

The project itself was managed by Tana Lehr (2009 graduate of the Multimedia Department with a Web Design & Production certificate) whose web site design was selected for the project. She worked with a team of students, including Lizette Picasso (new logo design), Yoni Mayeri (photography), and Tari Fullerton and Gillian Hull (also students in the Web Design Program), who assisted with building the code, testing the site, and trouble-shooting technical problems.

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